It's definitely a buyers market for us lasses. And I am thankful to be on the right side of that market. Submissives may not realise it, but every time they approach a domme they are 'selling' themselves, their personality, their skills, their intelligence and they are almost certainly doing it in competition with a number … Continue reading Racehorses


What I Am

This post was inspired by a comment I received on another blog entry. I felt compelled. Okay, maybe it was a trigger. Oh those feelings of entitlement.... I have a number of selling points. I think, I hope, for the most part that they scare off a bunch of prospective subs, though perhaps my Fetlife … Continue reading What I Am

Early Memories

What are your earliest memories of kink? Mine are a bit fuzzy. In the same way that I don't remember my first kiss, or the first time I had sex, although I think this is probably because they were fairly underwhelming as first times often are. I come from a 'normal' middle class southern England … Continue reading Early Memories

My Goddess, My Queen

I am writing this post tentatively because I don't know if I am preempting it, or jinxing it by getting it out in the open here. I have been carefully cultivating an online relationship with someone I plan to meet. I suppose he would be my first submissive. I've played with a couple of subs/switches … Continue reading My Goddess, My Queen

More On Triggers

There is an account on Tumblr called femdomdoneright which is my newest trigger and makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. It's a blog roll of infomercials and factoids on Femdom and it's truly delicious. Some of the articles are really long, sciencey and very motivational, some are short and incredibly sweet. Whether you're … Continue reading More On Triggers